How to downgrade your BrailleNote Touch +

Has your BrailleNote Touch + updated automatically? Would you like to downgrade back to an older version?
Unlike iPhones where downgrading is hard and involves erasing data, downgrading a BrailleNote Touch + is completely possible, and you will keep all your data.


When your BrailleNote Touch + updates, it doesn’t actually update its operating system.
All it does is update all the HumanWare apps on the device, as well as a few other apps and services.
Although this makes you feel like you have a new version of KeySoft (like on the Apex) it is actually only the apps that get updated.
This is the key to how to downgrade.
Although there is no “Downgrade” option in KeyUpdater, you can downgrade individual apps back to the version they were when the Touch + first came out.
Additionally, if you have the .apk files (as we will explain later on) you can selectively downgrade apps or your entire Touch + to an older version.
If you would like to downgrade to a version prior to 13.0 (May 2022) then we recommend that you just downgrade each app manually to its factory version and not worry about .apk files at all.
Everything we discuss below can be easily reverse by simply opening KeyUpdater and following the instructions to update again.

Downgrading an app to its factory version

  1. Find the app either in the Main Menu or All apps menu. Do not press enter to open it, instead press Space+M to open the Context menu and then press enter on the “Open app info” option.
  2. Press enter on the “More options” option
  3. Press enter on “Uninstall updates”
  4. Agree to the confirmation message by pressing enter on the “OK” button.
    You will see a message saying updates are being uninstalled, and you will return to the App info page. Simply press Space+Dots123456 (all 6 dots) to return to the Main Menu.
    Congratulations! You have just downgraded your first app!
    Note: If you see no “More options” button, you are most likely trying to downgrade an app which has never been updated in the first place. Not all apps are updated in each update.
    If you are downgrading an app (e.g. KeyFiles) which is used by other apps, you will need to downgrade those apps as well for everything to work properly.
    If everything goes wrong, the worst that can happen is that you end up back on the latest version.

Downgrading using .apk files

Each version is basically made up of several .apk files, one for each KeySoft app.
To downgrade to an older version, just downgrade all of your apps by installing the .apk files for the corresponding version.
These files are not available online, so you will need to let us know if you would like to get a copy of them and we will try our best.
Once you have a Google Drive link to the files for your desired version, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Drive link. The Google Drive app should open. If the Drive app needs updating, you will need to follow the instructions to do this.
2. If you want to do a full downgrade, systematically go through the files from top to bottom, following the two below steps for each file. If you want to only downgrade one app, just follow the steps for that app.
Step 1: Press Enter or a cursor routing key on the file.
Step 2: The package installer will open. Click Install, followed by Done.
Note: The first time you install one of these files, you will have to give permission to Drive to install unknown apps. This is completely safe if used correctly, as these files are the original versions which get downloaded when you update using KeyUpdater. This is different from giving permission to install any app from the internet.
The password to our next post about obtaining the.apk files yourself is the dots for each cell of braille in the word apk, followed by the year we got our new website.

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