How to download KeySlides without updating your Touch +

You can actually install KeySlides without updating your Touch +. Here is how to do it:
1. Visit our Downloads page and click on “KeySlides” under the Touch section. The password to this page is download2021oehT (except you have to replace all o’s with 0’s and all 0’s with o’s)
2. A Drive page will open. Press enter on the Download button.
3. Select “Drive” in the “Open with” menu, making sure to choose Just once and not Always.
4. If asked, select your Google Drive account from the list.
5. Select “Package installer” in the next “Open with” menu.
6. Grant permissions if needed.
7. Click Install, followed by Done.

To use KeySlides, you will need to open presentations through KeyFiles as the Open option in the KeySlides app won’t work unless you update KeyFiles as well.

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