How to play Wordle using NVDA on Windows

Wordle is a word game where you try and guess a 5-letter word in 6 guesses.
It is not very accessible, but you can still play it.

  1. Visit the Wordle website in Chrome on a Windows computer:
  2. Turn NVDA browse mode off by using Insert+Space.
  3. Type your 5-letter word guess and press Enter.
  4. Turn browse mode back on by using the same shootcut (it is a toggle).
  5. Focus on each letter by using the down-arrow and press Insert+F to find out the colour. If you hear “green” the letter is in the right place in the word. If you hear “orange” (corresponding with yellow in Wordle) it means that the letter is in the word but not in the right place. If you hear any other collr, the letter is not in the word.
    This isn’t the best experience, but it’s the most accessible you can make Wordle for now.

To make your next guess, repeat steps 2 to5

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