My top tips for visiting Sight Village

If you are attending Sight Village today, tomorrow, or another time, here are some top tips.

  1. Bring your own food. The food at Sight Village is often not very nice, and quite often runs out quickly.
  2. Make a plan before you arrive. There is so much to see and a limited amount of time, so write down which stands you would like to visit before you get there. You could do this on the Notes app on your phone, or using the Notes funcN on your braille display.
  3. Choose the right WiFi network for internet. The WiFi list is usually overflowing with several networks, all for different purposes. If what you would like is internet, I have found the “CranmorePark” network is the best one.
  4. Expect early pack-ups. I used to be disappointed when all the stands closed half an hour before the end of the event, but now I just expect it. Expect the last 30 minutes of the event to be quieter, with less stands open.
  5. Choose the seminars you attend carefully. There are normally some very interesting seminars on offer, but attending too many can give you not enough time to explore. Try and get a good balance between seminars and exploring the event.
  6. Take advantage of discounts. Several companies offer big discounts at Sight Village (e.g. Sight and Sound usually have big discounts on JAWS)

So, these are my top tips. Enjoy your visit!

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