Pre-registering for Sight Village – Some top tips

I didn’t find the pre-registration form the easiest to work with this year, so find my top tips for tackling it below:

  1. Do not use the Eventbrite app. This has worked for me in the past but this year it has got a lot less accessible (button and tab labels have been removed). You should use the website instead.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page to see the pop-up. Once you click “Register”, a pop-up opens asking you to select how many tickets you would like. This fills the whole screen for sighted users. Unfortunately, screen readers do not navigate here automatically but by using the command for “Bottom of page” you should be able to reach this pop-up and interact with it. It took me a few goes as the pop-up seems to close if you fiddle around on the page too much. To open it again (if needed), just press the “Register. button again.
  3. Navigate by edit field to get past the timer. On the registration page there is atimer that tells you how long you have left. You’ll have plenty of time to register, as the form itself is simple, but the thing is that some screen readers can get stuck on this dynamic area and not move beyond it. To fix this, press the letter E (on a computer or BrailleNote Touch +) to move to the next edit field. On iOS, use the “Form controls” rotor option.
  4. Don’t use mobile tickets. Using this option will force you to download the inaccessible app, so use the PDF ones or add them to Apple Wallet instead.

It seems rediculous that an event aimed specifically at blind people has such an inaccessible registration form, but sadly QAC have no control over the accessibility of the platform that they use (Eventbrite).
Of course, if you would like to bypass all these accessibility nightmares, just email the Sight Village Team on and they can pre-register you for the days you would like to attend.
You can find pre-registration links on the event info page here

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