Seeing AI – The document channel

Seeing AI is a free app developed by Microsoft to help you recognize text, objects, people and more.
This is the second of a series of articles to help you get the most out of Seeing AI.

The document channel is great for recognizing large parts of text (like print documents).
You can take a picture of one page at a time. It works great for restaurant menus or printed letters.
To open the Document channel, just swipe through the short text screen until you hear “Channel” and then swppe up. If this is your first time using the document channel, you will see a tutorial. When you’re readyeaclick “Done”.
To take an accurate picture, put your phone in the middle of the page and slowly rise it up.
You should hear guidence such as “Top ouge not visible” Move your phone in the derction it says (for example if you hear top and left edge not visible, move your phone left and forward.
Once the whole page is in view, you should hear “Hold steady” followed by a tune which indicates the picture is being processed. If your phone fails to automatically take the picture, double-tap the “Take picture” button.

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