Seeing AI – The Person channel

Seeing AI is a free app developed by Microsoft to help you recognize text, objects, people and more.
This is the fourth of a series of articles to help you get the most out of Seeing AI.
To get to the person channel, swipe up through the “Channel” list until you find “Person”.
The person channel helps you recognize people.
Once you take a picture of someones face, it will estimate various things about them.
To be honest this channel is more of something to play around with than something to help you in everyday life.
Warning: Do NOT use estimations from this to influence real life decitions. Based on personal experience it is more something to joke about than trust.
You can also make Seeing AI recognize who the person is by adding them using the “Face Recognition” option on the person channel screen.
You will need to get their consent before doing this. To add someone, take 3 photos of them (or let them take them) and then enter their name.
After that, they can be recognized using the person channel.
A more practical application for this is that you can check whether that person appears in a photo in your photo library.
To do this, you can either browse your library within Seeing AI using the “Browse photos” option in the Menu, or you can share a photo to “Recognize with Seeing AI”.
The face recognition feature is more accurate than the estimations (e.g. age, gender) it makes about people.

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