Seeing AI – The Product channel

Seeing AI is a free app developed by Microsoft to help you recognize text, objects, people and more.
This is the third of a series of articles to help you get the most out of Seeing AI.
The product channel helps you to work out what something is based on its barcode.
It is especially helpful for tinned food.
To find it, swipe through the Seeing AI home screen to get to the “Channel” option, and then swipe up twice.
Once you hear “Product” You are on the right channel.
If this is the first time using this channel, you will be presented with a tutorial. Read through it and click “Done” when you’re ready.
To use this channel, just move the item around to try and get a barcode in view of the phones camera. There are beeps to help guide you (the closer the beeps, the closer you are).
Once the barcode is captured, you will hear a tune to ingcate it is being processed. After that, you will see information about the product. You can click “More details” if it is available.

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