Seeing AI – The short text channel

Seeing AI is a free app developed by Microsoft to help you recognize text, objects, people and more.
This is the first of a series of articles to help you get the most out of Seeing AI.

Seeing AI has several modes called channels. In this article we will focus on the short text channel. This is the first channel you are on when you open the app.

This is the only channel that can be used without internet.
It will read out print text that your phone can see through it’s camera. You could use this to help you read signs, letters and other short bits of text. The first time you will use this channel (as with all channels), you will be shown a tutorial screen. Click “Done” when you’re ready.

Once you are on the short text screen, just hold your phone in front of the text and it should start to read it.
Keep in mind that this is not very good for long sections of text as the reading is interrupted after a small movement of the phone. The next channel is the document channel, which is better for long bits of text.

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