We’re recovering our posts again…

If you’ve been one of our subscribers for a long time, you’ll know that we moved away from Google Blogger in May 2021 and were forced to tediously recover posts one-by-one from old emails.
Thankfully that is behind us, but you may have noticed that 20 or so posts disappeared from our site in October. This is due to me being behind on the backups and very busy at school.
We won’t go into too much detail, but what happened was that the server hosting this blog suddenly disappeared. One minute it was there, the next it was not. Basically it was on a 1-year free student license and I didn’t re-verify, was never notified, and as a result this all just got deleted.
But luckily its not as bad as last time. We have a mirror of how our site looked in July 2022, so we’ll only be one or two posts too short once this operation is complete.
We’ve recovered the first post today. We’ll do the rest as quickly as everything else allows. And we’ll back up every single week, as we’re on the same student plan right this moment.
We hope you enjoy the recovered posts,

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