MOO – An accessible game world that you can code

Moo – An accessible game world that you can code – What is it and how can you use it?

What is Moo?
Moo is not only one of the noises that cows make. Moo is also a game world that you can use without any pictures. It is made up of text descriptions and code, and it is very accessible to braillists. I was very excited when I first heard about Moo, and it is definitely a really exciting thing to have a go at.

Everyone on Moo has their own character that they can move around different rooms, explore the world, try out things and pick things up and drop things. I have also coded some of the objects in my world to do particular things (such as bouncing a ball or using a vending machine).

I am currently creating a Moo which I call the Playable MOO, and I hope lots of people will be able to join it in the future. I plan for it to be a place for people to connect, explore and have fun.

You can even send messages to other people in the same room as you, which is quite fun. You can also connect to Moo from your iPhone or iPad, which is useful if you are away from your computer but still want to join in the fun.

What can you create in Moo?
You can literally create anything and make it do anything, as long as you are happy to write some code. You can turn a Moo into a realistic environment with houses, roads and trains, or you could have a Moo the size of the solar system if you would like to, with space ships to transport you between different areas. I even have a currency in my Moo called Theos, which people gain by recycling things, picking up coins and playing games such as Jumble (where you have to put jumbled letters in the correct order to make a word).

Get in touch with us (you can email us at: if you would like instructions on how to set up your computer/phone to connect to Moo, and/or Moo login details.

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