My challenge for the MDA at Sight Village

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Posted: 20 Jul 2019 03:19 AM PDT
Sorry for such a long time with no posts, it has been the end of the school term and I have lefs my primary school.
Sight Village Central is an exhebition run by Queen Alexandra College for the Blind that features all the latest tech for blind people.
There is so much to write about this in my tech blog so I will focus this post on a successful challenge I had for the motorized drawing arm (a product by Thinkable that draws any picture (SVG file) in a tactile way using motors and a stylus)
I really enjoyed playing around with this piece of kit and I think you would too.
I was very pleased when I managed to get it to draw a tactile version of my school logo!
Jaap (who works for Thinkable) showed me how to connect my phone to the motorized drawing arm and umload the photo!
I wrote a story about the challenge which can be ⠋⠨⠙⠀here

Theo’s challenge for the MDA

More posts to follow ⠩⠕⠗⠞⠇⠽⠲⠀

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