How to pair a braille display or BrailleNote Touch with iOS

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 10:40 PM PST
This is a recovered guide from Blogger.

How to pair a braille display to iOS:
Once the Braille display is turned on and in pairing mode, do the following on your iOS device:
1. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn VoiceOver on if it is not already on.
2. Now click the “Braille” option and scroll down to the “Choose a braille display:” list.
3. Select the Braille display you are trying to connect (you may need to make sure it is visible to all devices in range).
4. If asked for a PIN it’s most likely 0000 unless you have been told otherwise so enter the pin and press the “Pair” button. This step needs to be performed within 10 seconds but don’t panic if you fail, you can forget the device by clicking More info next to it in the list and they clicking on the “Forget device” option and then start again from step 3.
5. You should now be connected to your braille display.
N.B. To pair a BrailleNote Touch to your iOS device you need to follow some extra  steps on your BrailleNote Touch first:
1. Press space+O to navigate to the options menu
2. Press “a” and then enter to navigate to Android settings
3. Press “B” and then enter to select the Bluetooth option 4. If you have not already made the visibility time-out longer than two minutes then do so by going to More options > Visibility time-out from this scree 5. Click on the BrailleNote Touch or Brailliant option to make your BrailleNote Touch visible to your phone.
5. Now press space with all 6 braille keys to return to the main menu and then press B for braille terminal.
6. When asked how you want to connect, select Bluetooth
7. You are now ready to complete the steps above for pairing your braille display to your iOS device.
Useful tip: To exit Braille Terminal on your BrailleNote Touch and return to the Main Menu press the circle button on the front of the device.
If you get stuck look at the user guide for the Braille display you are trying to ⠏⠁⠊⠗⠲⠀
• If you have a problem with a Bluetooth pairing request on the Touch +, try opening Options menu > Android system settings > Connected devices > Bluetooth and connecting the phone before attempting to add it as a braille display.

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