My last day on iD

Today is my last day on iD mobile, and I am switching my number to EE tomorrow.
I have been with iD for 3 years and 10 months (since 12th September 2017) and have got 1GB of data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts all for £5 per month.
Here are some reasons why I’m switching:
1. iD Mobile has no support for connecting my Apple Watch. I have an Apple Watch Series 4 but I can only get cellular capabilities by switching to another network.
2. iD charge a lot for out of plan data. If you run out of data, iD will by default charge you £10.24/100MB, which works out at £102.40 for 1GB of extra data. You can buy add-ons (such as 1GB for £7) which dramatically decrease the amount you need to pay, but it is still an anoying default charge. I have a cap on my extra usage charges of £5, but I’d rather not pay an extra £5 each month I ran out of data before buying an add-on. The £5 is used up within minutes of the allowance running out, as it only gives you 50MB of data. With EE, you will not be able to use mobile data once your data allowance runs out, unless you buy a data add-on. This means that there are no unexpected data charges.
3. Roaming in Switzerland is included on EE. EE includes Switzerland in their list of inclusive destinations and iD does not.

One of the other reasons why this switch is so urgent is the new EE roaming charges policy. New customers after 7th July will be required to pay £2 a day when roaming in the EU inclusive zone, but existing customers will not.
You can find out more about the new roaming charges in This article about how to avoid the costs.

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