How to switch from iD to EE

I have now completed several steps of the process, so I thought I’d write an article about it in case anyone else also wanted to do this. I am currently on Step 5, so I am nearly there!

Step 1: Check that you are ready to switch

The first thing to do is to check that you are all ready to switch and that you won’t be sent a massive bill by iD if you leave.
To do this, just text INFO DDMMYY to 85075 where DDMMYY is your date of birth in the above format (e.g. INFO 010198)
Once this text is sent, you should receive a message from iD in a few seconds.
For me, this let me know that I wouldn’t need to pay anything to leave, but if you’re not on a sim only contract there may be a fee.
If you have a contract, and you’d rather switch when it ends, set up a reminder on your phone so that you will be reminded to do it before the contract renews.

Step 2: Request your PAC code

A PAC code (Porting authorisation code) is required to switch your number over to another UK network (e.g. EE). You can get one simply by texting PAC DDMMYY to 65075 where DDMMYY is your date of birth in the above format (e.g. PAC 010198)
After a few seconds, you should receive a message from iD with your PAC code, which should look something roughly like ABC123456
Store this in a safe place, as you will need it later on.
If you’d rather get a new number, you should request a STAC (Service termination authorisation code) instead so that your old contract is cancelled automatically. To do this, text STAC DDMMYY to 75075 where DDMMYY is your date of birth in the above format (e.g. STAC 010198)
Keep this code in a safe place, as you will need it later.

Step 3: Find a good deal from EE

You can skip this step if you already have a contract or SIM which you would like to transfer your number to.
Now is when it starts to get exciting!
Head to EE’s shop to find a good deal which you would like to sign up to. If you would rather switch to another UK network, then find a deal on their website instead. I am not suggesting that everyone switches to EE, but this was just the best option for me.
After you have bought your deal and entered your details you need to wait for your brand new SIM to arrive.
When it does, it will come with a new number.
Don’t panic! You can call this your temporary number if you like, as you won’t be using it for very long at all.

Step 4: Request the transfer

You now need to let EE know that you would like to transfer your number to your new phone or sim. To do this, you can either fill out this online form or call EE on 150 from your temporary number.
If you complete the online form, you will be required to verify your temporary number via SMS.

Step 5: Wait

If you sent your request before 5:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday, your number will probably be transferred the next working day. If not, it will likely take two working days.
On the day your number is transferred, you may experience disruption to your services.
We recommend you transfer on a day when you do not definitely need your phone.
For more information about what happens on your transfer day, check out this article from EE help.

Step 6: Done!

Your number should now be transferred. Make sure to update iMessage settings to use your old number again if using an iPhone. You will receive a text when this transfer is complete.

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