Sight and Sound braille display demonstration

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Posted: 02 Aug 2020 11:15 PM PDT
Last week, someone from Sight and Sound came to show me some of the braille displays they sell.
At the moment, I have an old Focus 40 and a new Focus 14.
They brought a new Focus 40 with them to show me, and they also brought a type of braille notetaker called a BrailleSense Polaris.
The new Focus 40 was simular to what I would expect, as I already have a new Focus 14 but I had never seen a Polaris before, so that was quite excited.
It was basically like a competitor for the Touch, as it also runs on Android and can download apps from the Play Store just like the Touch can.
They said it could do screen sharing via Zoom, just like the Touch + can.
I also thought it was quite fun that there was also a Mini version of the Polaris, that didn’t feel much bigger than a 14-cell braille display, but had the power to run Android on it.
They also brought an older BrailleSense notetaker called the BrailleSense U2, which was a bit like the Apex. It ran Linux, which was quite fun as I have never heard of a notetaker that dnes that before.
The last thing they brought was an ElBraille, although I didn’t have enough time to even plug that in. I did have a feel of it.

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