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This post has been recovered and was written on 18th February
I use Strava a lot to record my runs, rides and lots of other workouts. I have the Strava app on my iPhone and I use my Apple Watch to record most of my workouts.
I find that the Strava app is very accessible apart from the odd accessibility bug. I like Strava for a number of reasons. One thing I like about it is being able to compare my times on particular segments on routes. Segments also help me to look back at where I have gone as I can look through the segments in order to work out which route I completed. I quite enjoy achieving local legend status on segments as well, because aiming for the fastest time is quite unrealistic.
I like the way that I can look through all my stats by myself using VoiceOver with the Strava app.
I also really enjoy collecting badges for completing challenges. My trophy case currently has 47 badges and I am getting more every week!
I also like being able to view other people’s activities and see where they have gone, as well as being able to view which challenges they have completed. I did my longest ever bike ride yesterday (103.2 km) and it was really fun, although it was quite tiring.
Yesterday, Strava published this post about me en the Strava Club:
and it has already received 36,000 kudos and over 400 comments, which is way more than I have ever received before (Update: on 17th May it is now at 49,000).
You can find my Strava profile here:

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