Bugs on my BrailleNote Touch

This is a recovered post from Blogger.
Please note: Lots of these bugs are no longer an issue, but the Touch+ does have many new bugs (which I will post about soon).

Posted: 14 May 2019 06:34 AM PDT
Bugs on my BrailleNote Touch
As I mentioned in an earlier post, My BrailleNote Touch has several bugs.
For example, If I BCC somebody to an email, the email program crashes and the message saves as a drapt without the BCC.
Another bug is that it sometimes freezes and needs a full reset.
The word processing function is not as advanced as the wordprocesser on the BrailleNote Apex.
Also, The BrailleNote Touch has no fully-accessible dictionary but the Apex does.
Humanware who make both machines have stopped servicing and updating the old brailleNote ⠁⠏⠑⠭⠲⠀

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