How to play the Tactile Times Hangman game

We now have an online Hangman game which is fully-operational. It is fully-accessible with screen readers. The objective of the game is to guess a word the computer has chosen in as few wrong guesses as possible. Getting ready Before you can play the game you will need to get ready. Go to Under … Read more

How to use search operators in Google search

You can use some different operators when performing a Google search, to make sure you get the most relevant results. Not The not operator lets Google know that you do not want certain results included in the search, for example searching Cambridge not “university” should bring up results about Cambridge but not about Cambridge university. … Read more

The Benefits of using CSS for styling your web pages

You have probably heard of The three components of the web (HTML, JavaScript and CSS), but why is CSS even needed What is it? CSS stands for cascading style sheets. It is a way to style an HTML document without adding inline style tags (e.g. style=”background-color:…; color:…;”) to all elements on the page that you … Read more