How to downgrade your BrailleNote Touch +

Has your BrailleNote Touch + updated automatically? Would you like to downgrade back to an older version? Unlike iPhones where downgrading is hard and involves erasing data, downgrading a BrailleNote Touch + is completely possible, and you will keep all your data. Instructions When your BrailleNote Touch + updates, it doesn’t actually update its operating … Read more

How to play the Tactile Times Hangman game

We now have an online Hangman game which is fully-operational. It is fully-accessible with screen readers. The objective of the game is to guess a word the computer has chosen in as few wrong guesses as possible. Getting ready Before you can play the game you will need to get ready. Go to Under … Read more

How to create language profiles on a Touch

You can easily create and switch between language profiles on the Touch and Touch +. Once you have at least two language profiles, you can switch between them anywhere. How to set up a language profile Press Space+O to open the Options menu. Find the Configure language profiles option and select it. A list of … Read more