Quick tip: How to find out your stats for the day on Apple Watch

Update 28/01/2024: The Apple Watch’s software has undergone significant changes since I wrote this post, for example the app is now called Fitness not Activity. Would you like to quickly find out your stats for the day on your Apple Watch? Here’s how to do it:1. Press the Digital crown (the round button on the … Read more

How to use search operators in Google search

You can use some different operators when performing a Google search, to make sure you get the most relevant results. Not The not operator lets Google know that you do not want certain results included in the search, for example searching Cambridge not “university” should bring up results about Cambridge but not about Cambridge university. … Read more

How to pair a braille display or BrailleNote Touch with iOS

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 10:40 PM PST This is a recovered guide from Blogger. How to pair a braille display to iOS: Once the Braille display is turned on and in pairing mode, do the following on your iOS device: 1. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn VoiceOver on if it is … Read more