How to label an item on an iPhone or iPad

Are you tired of VoiceOver announcing “Button” or something simular? There is a hidden feature you can try out!

Introduction to button labelling

It is possible to add a custom label to buttons which you frequently use. For example, if you know a button is supposed to say Send, you can make it say that. This may be really helpful if you have an app you use a lot and you know what a button is supposed to say but VoiceOver doesn’t have a label for it.
We actually came across this feature by chance, and we have not found out any more about it then what we have figured out.

How to set up a button label

  1. Make sure you are focused on the button you would like to label.
  2. Double-tap and hold with two finguers.
  3. You should now hear a sound and a new popup should appear on screen.
  4. Now, just enter your desired label in the text box and click Okay

We recommend you keep your labels short and descriptive. If you change your mind, you can always edit them by following the above steps again.

More information

  • There is no official documentation, but based on testing we think that button labels are only for the device you set them up on.
  • We have also experienced labels being lost during app updates.
  • there is no central settings screen where you can manage labels you have created.
  • If you cannot get the VoiceOver focus on a button, this won’t work (i.e. if it says button it will work but if you can’t get the focus there at all it won’t)

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