How to set up and use the ErgData app with Concept2 exercise machines

The ErgData app is a great way to get real-time stats while using a Concept 2 Ergo, Bike Erg or Ski Erg. It will also allow you to sync your workouts on these pieces of gym equipment to your Strava account.

Getting Started

The app is very accessible. All you need to do is download it from the App Store. If you get stuck, why not check out our detailed guide about downloading an app on an iPhone or iPad?
Once the app is installed, it will open on the workout screen. Make sure your phone is landscape (with the home button and/or charging port facing to the left).
As you haven’t started working out yet, the stats will all be at 0.

Audio Stats

Audio stats mean that your iPhone or iPad can automatically read out your stats at an interval that you set.
It is fully-customizable, but for example you could ask it to read out your total time and current pace every minute.
To set up audio stats, swipe to the “Preferences” button and double-tap it and then find and double-tap on “Voice guidance” to turn it on and customize which stats you would like spoken out and how often.

Working out

Now you are ready to work out!
Once you find a supported Concept 2 exercise machine, just open the ErgData app and make sure your phone is landscape.
Then, double-tap the “Bluetooth options” button and connect to the device named PM5 and then lots of numbers. If the device doesn’t appear, press the big button near the bottom right of the screen on your exercise machine, and then the third button down in the column of buttons on the right.
Once your app is connected, just put your phone somewhere safe and you’re ready to go!

Optional: Syncing to Strava and other services

Before syncing workouts to Strava you have to go through a first time set up process.
First, visit the Concept 2 online Logbook online at and register an account. After that, go to the account settings on the Concept2 website and connect your Strava account.
You will be redirected to Enter your Strava account details if asked to do so, then click the Authorize button. If you would like to sync to any other services, add them in the settings on the website as well. Once you are done, switch back to the app.
You need to open the “Preferences” section of the app and select the option that allows you to sign in to your online logbook.
At this point you will be asked for your Concept2 username and password that you created earlier. We recommend you enter these on a braille display or keyboard or autofill them from your saved passwords as typing on a landscape phone screen is quite difficult.
Once you are signed in, you are done with the first time set up.
We understand this process can seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s worth it. You only have to do this part once. You can also just use the app to give you stats during workouts and view them later without doing this set up.
Once you are set up, just go to page 3 of the app after every workout and click the “Sync” button. If the workout doesn’t show up on Strava within a couple of minutes, try doing this again.
To get to page 3 of the app use the same gestures you use to navigate between pages of apps on your iPhone or iPad.

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