Quick tip: How to find out your stats for the day on Apple Watch

Update 28/01/2024: The Apple Watch’s software has undergone significant changes since I wrote this post, for example the app is now called Fitness not Activity. Would you like to quickly find out your stats for the day on your Apple Watch? Here’s how to do it:1. Press the Digital crown (the round button on the … Read more

How to set up and use the ErgData app with Concept2 exercise machines

The ErgData app is a great way to get real-time stats while using a Concept 2 Ergo, Bike Erg or Ski Erg. It will also allow you to sync your workouts on these pieces of gym equipment to your Strava account. Getting Started The app is very accessible. All you need to do is download … Read more

How to use the Strava app on Apple Watch

If you would like to be certain that your workouts will have the correct data when uploading to Strava, it is a good idea to use the Strava for Apple Watch app. This app is very simple and allows you to record workouts on your Apple Watch and have them automatically uploaded to Strava. You … Read more

How to start and stop workouts using the Workout app on Apple Watch

The Workout app on Apple Watch provides a quick and easy way to record a Workout directly on your Watch. We’ll walk you through the steps of starting and ending a Workout, and give you some top tips. First of all, press the Digital crown once to open your list of apps. Once you are … Read more