How to view network history on iOS devices

Although iPhones and other iOS devices do not show you all the networks you have joined in the Settings app, there is an easy way to list all networks that you have joined on iOS and iPadOS (13 and above).
To get started, you’ll need the Shortcuts app installed. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to go to the App Store and install it before getting started. This app has been developed by Apple and is installed by default on several devices.

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your device.
2. Click the “Automations” tab at the bottom. (if it is not visible, you need to update your device).
3. Click the “New automation” button. When asked what type of automation you are planning to set up, select “Personal”
4. Now scroll down the triggers list. Find the WiFi option and select it.
5. You will now be given the opportunity to browse through the device’s saved networks. You can proceed and create the automation if you want, but the purpose of this guide was to show you how to easily bring up network history on an iOS device, which we have done!
If you would like to change settings for any of these networks, it’s a bit more complicated. You would need to either re-visit the network, or replicate the network using a spare router, as iOS only allows you to Forget connected or in-range networks.

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