Accessible WiFi speedtesting

Have you ever needed to speedtest your WiFi connection? If so, you may have found that several speedtest websites are not very accessible. They often include diagrams, images or both. There used to be one accessible website ( but the new version of it is a lot less accessible and is blocked by some school … Read more

How to use personal hotspot on iPhone

Personal hotspot is a handy feature to quickly share your mobile data connection with other devices. Please note: Some providers do not allow it. Please check with your provider first. Turning on personal hotspot Open the Settings app from your home screen. Click on Personal hotspot (below Mobile data) Turn on allow others to join. … Read more

How to connect to The Cloud WiFi hotspots

The Cloud is a network of Public WiFi hotspots in places such as Cafe Nero, pubs, universities, hospitals and town centres. We’ll show you the process of registering a device for the first time. First of all, open your WiFi settings and select _The Cloud from the network list. In certain places, this may be … Read more

How to connect to O2 Wifi

O2 Wifi is a hotspot network available in Waitrose, Costa coffee, McDonald’s and other places. It is not only for O2 customers, but for anyone with a mobile number (including international ones). In this guide we’ll show you how to connect for the first time. O2 Wifi only requires registration once per device. After that, … Read more

How to stay connected while travelling

There are many ways in which you can get the internet while travelling abroad. We will compare each option in detail to help you decide. Option 1: Use data roaming In some countries, you can use your phone just as you normally would. Your phone will connect to a telephone network in that country and … Read more

Brushing against the destruction of the internet – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The backup plan Otto didn’t have long to wait now until midnight. It was 11:55 p.m, and he was sitting up awake in his bed. He couldn’t quite believe that something bad was really going to happen. He was counting down the minutes until he could forget about this crazy thing and … Read more