How to connect to The Cloud WiFi hotspots

The Cloud is a network of Public WiFi hotspots in places such as Cafe Nero, pubs, universities, hospitals and town centres. We’ll show you the process of registering a device for the first time.

First of all, open your WiFi settings and select _The Cloud from the network list. In certain places, this may be a custom network name instead.
Once the network is selected, a login screen should pop up. If it doesn’t, browse to any insecure website such as
This first page will be very complicated. It will often advertise stuff such as Sky Sports, or give you other information when all you are looking for is internet. Thankfully, this page only appears once per device.
The button that you are looking for is a tiny button with the title “Go >”. This button may be under a Get online heading, or it may be somewhere rather random. You may need some sighted help with the one page if you struggle with finding the button. If so, just turn your screen reader off and ask for help.
After you’ve tackled this page, the process is very straightforward. You need to either log in or sign up for a free account. Once you do this, your device will be remembered for future visits.
If you visit a hotspot again, your device will just show a Welcome page and you will be connected automatically. In some places, agreeing to extra Terms and Conditions may be required.
You can find your nearest hotspots at but sadly the very accessible WiFi Finder app they used to run has been removed from the App Store.

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