How to start and stop workouts using the Workout app on Apple Watch

The Workout app on Apple Watch provides a quick and easy way to record a Workout directly on your Watch. We’ll walk you through the steps of starting and ending a Workout, and give you some top tips.

First of all, press the Digital crown once to open your list of apps.
Once you are in the app list, navigate around it until you find the Workout app. If you find this app hard to find, it might useful to add a complication to your Watch face that opens the app when clicked. Once you find it, double-tap on it to open it.
Once it is open, you will be presented with lots of different types of Workout with an Add button at the bottom.
If you double-tap on a type of Workout a 3-second countdown will start before the Workout starts. This is handy if you want to click start for a run a couple of seconds before you start running.
If you swipe up and down while focused on a type of Workout you will get the options Activate, Change goal and Hide activity type.
Hide activity type is useful if you know you will not use your Apple Watch to track this type of Activity. You can always add activity types again later through the “Add Workout” button at the bottom of the list.
The Change goal button is useful when you want to set a goal for your Workout of either KCAL burned, time elapsed or distance travelled.
I have had an experience of a workout auto-stopping once the goal is complete, so don’t use it if you plan to keep going after your goal is complete. The most useful place for this feature is gym equipment (for example spend 10 minutes on the rowing machine).
To end your Workout, navigate to Page 1 of the Workout stats where you will find different options and select the “End” button. After this, click Done to save the Workout to your iPhone.
I would suggest using Strava syncing with Apple Health if you would like to export workouts from this system or share them with people who don’t have an Apple Watch.

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