How to create language profiles on a Touch

You can easily create and switch between language profiles on the Touch and Touch +. Once you have at least two language profiles, you can switch between them anywhere.

How to set up a language profile

  1. Press Space+O to open the Options menu.
  2. Find the Configure language profiles option and select it.
  3. A list of profiles will come up. Press Space until you reach Add additional language profile, then select it.
  4. It will prompt you for a profile name. I normally enter the name of the language or braille grade.
  5. A configuration options screen will appear. The important setting to change here is Literary braille table. You need to change it to your chosen language.
  6. You can also change the voice if you will be using speech with this language profile.
  7. You are now done, press Space+E to exit.

You can now press Enter+L to quickly switch profiles.

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