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== Google Meet – Setup guide and top tips
I have been using Google Meet for all my remote lessons during lockdown. As my school kept to their timetable that they use in school, I had several meetings every day.
I used my iPad to join the lessons, and my Touch and computer to complete the worksheets. This was so that I could quickly unmute on the iPad if the teacher came to me without having to try and switch windows back to the Meting on the computer or Touch.
A couple of minutes before each lesson I opened Classroom and clicked the “Join video call” button which has a picture of a video camera on it. The iPad then automatically opened the Meet app and took me to the preview page for the correct meeting. If the teacher wasn’t there yet it would say “You’re not allowed to join this meeting.” And I would have to click the button in Google Classroom as often as I could so that I would be there as soon as possible after the teacher arrived.
One of the things I worked out was that my Focus 14 had a button that when brushed or pressed would immediately leave the meeting on the iPad. I needed my braille display connected so I could unmute and raise my hand without VoiceOver interrupting the teacher. I nicknamed this button the button of doom, as if even a piece of paper brushed it the iPad would make a particular sound and then leave the meeting without any kind of confirmation. If this happened, I had to try and join again as quickly as possible as it was important not to miss the teacher’s explanation.
Get started with Google Meet
Although my school completed several of the below steps for me, I thought I would include them far anybody needing to set up Google Meet on a new device.
1. Download the Google Meet app.
2. Open it and sign in with a Gmail account. If you are going to join lessons sign in with a school account.
3. If you would like to test things out, click “New meeting” and check that it all works properly. (on some school accounts this option won’t be available as you will not have permission to create meetings)
4. If you need to use Meet to join lessons, download the Google Classroom app and sign in with your school account.
As the Meet app got a major update a few months ago, there is sadly no rejoin button so if you leave by accident you will need to go back to your original Meeting invite or open Classroom again to re-join. The layout of the app has also completely changed, and VoiceOver will announce who is speaking unless you turn speech off with a three-finguer double tap or Space+M on a braille display.

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