Accessibility compared – Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

These three meeting platforms all have several accessibility features and are all very popular, but which is the most accessible for young braillists? Zoom Accessibility rating: 9/10 Zoom have tried very hard to make their meeting platform accessible to everyone, and they have added a lot of accessibility features to their mobile and desktop apps … Read more

WhatsApp – Guide for Blind users

WhatsApp is a very popular app a bit like Skype. You have probably heard of WhatsApp groups. There are often lots of WhatsApp groups that friends use to chat to each other. At my school, there is even one called “Almost every Year 7” that has pretty much all Year 7’s who are on WhatsApp. … Read more

Skype – A guide for blind users

This is a recovered post from Blogger. __________ Below we have put together a guide on the basics of using Skype: Skype is available on BrailleNote Touch, BrailleNote Touch +, iPhones, iPads and laptop Skype is an app that you can ue to call people and chat with them. You can have Skype chats and … Read more

Zoom – Guide for Blind users

This is a recovered post from Blogger. __________ Everyone is suddenly using Zoom. How do I use it and how accessible is it? Posted: 19 Apr 2020 07:05 AM PDT Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. I will be posting guides for how to use other chat apps soon. — Since lockdown started, … Read more